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Diddy’s neighbour claims rapper brings minors to his house by the bus load late at night; 50 Cent reacts (video)

One of Sean “”Diddy Comb’s neighbours is spilling the tea after Homeland Security agents raided the music mogul’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami in a federal sex trafficking investigation.

In Los Angeles, as the hip-hop mogul’s home was being raided, people who claimed to be his neighbours gave the world an insight into what they would normally see going on at his home. 

Ryan Mendelsohn, who says that he used to live in the area, told NBC News, “I drive by a lot, and I see that a lot of girls, maybe five or six girls outside, some leaving, some not, some going in.” 

He added, “I never thought anything of it. But now, it’s crazy.” 

Mendelsohn also said that he would see private drivers and Uber drivers outside of Diddy’s Los Angeles home as early as 3 a.m. in bathing suits and swimwear. He made it clear that he never saw Diddy with any of the women. 

On Tuesday, March 26, a video made the rounds on social media with another man claiming to be Diddy’s neighbor giving his take on what he would see at his Los Angeles home. 

In the video, as Diddy’s mansion is being raided, a man sitting in the passenger seat of a Bentley calls out to the person recording and says that he would often see the hip-hop mogul bring in “minors” by the busload. 

As the raid was on, the man yelled out of the car, “Tell him to stop bringing all them minors over here late at night. I live right next to him. He do too much. He be bringing in buses, like big a** buses. You could see all type of s**t hop out.”

He added, “Especially at night time, like three in the morning. It gets wild. I’m his neighbor. If my basketball go over there, I just let it be cause I don’t want to knock on the door.” 

Meanwhile, 50 Cent, who is Diddy’s arch enemy, shared the video and used the opportunity to mock Diddy.

He wrote: “When my basketball go over there I just let it be, LOL OH SHIT !”


Watch the video below.

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