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HotBusinessList.com launches Biz Listings, aims to help Nigerian SMEs grow their business

As more and more consumers move online, having a web presence that can be easily discovered and generate visibility, leads and business becomes essential.

In order to provide quick, reliable and comprehensive information to the users and connecting buyers (service seekers) with the sellers (service providers), HotBusinessList.com has launched ‘Biz listings’ for small businesses.

This means that HotBusinessList.com monthly users will now be able to easily browse and locate a service provider in their vicinity from their desktop or Mobile and similarly an enlisted service provider will be able to reach a relevant high income, targeted audience.

According to the founder/CEO Emmanuel Muojeke he said “Businesses globally and in Nigeria have recognized the need to have a digital presence. For the 20 million SMEs in Nigeria, reaching out to well-informed, digitally savvy customers in a seamless manner is now a business imperative. Customers on the other hand expect personalized, consistent and on the fly interaction with businesses and service providers. HotBusinessList.com Business Listing with its unparalleled reader base will help you get a notch closer to your user”.

To begin with, the focus is on Service based categories category, which essentially means Finance, Banking, Wealth Management, Investment Advisory, Tax Consultancy, Accounting, Trade Finance, Loan Syndication, Retail Loans, Life Insurance, Non-Life Insurance etc is being showcased.

Service providers / SMEs can enlist their business and business associates, distribution partners, sales offices, branch offices etc. on the site and all that for free.

Benefits of a HotBusinessList.com business directory list

* Enhance your online presence. …

* Improve your local visibility. …

* Get discovered easily. …

* Create your brand awareness. …

* Boost your SEO and rank higher on search engines. …

* Improve local customer interactions

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