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Diddy’s former backup dancer says she ‘just knew to avoid him at all costs’ following ‘horrific’ incident

Diddy’s former backup dancer, Tanika Ray, has claimed to have experienced a ‘horrific’ incident while working for him in the 1990s.

On Tuesday, two popular media personalities, Joy Reid and, Touré, who covered Diddy for decades, recalled past incidents involving the disgraced music mogul.

Former “Extra” host Tanika Ray, who also was a backup dancer for Diddy in the ’90s, posted on social media about an allegedly “horrific” experience that made her steer clear of the Bad Boy Records founder for years.

She wrote of her experiences with Diddy, “I just knew to avoid him at all costs… Yes, I danced for him and kept my space. I interviewed him for his projects and kept my space. Nothing that is happening is surprising.”


Ray’s post came after The Grio’s creative director and former MSNBC host Touré, who has also previously worked for Rolling Stone and MTV News  shared a more specific story about a relative’s experience with Diddy.

During an interview with Joy Reid on Tuesday night, Touré recalled of the Bad Boy tycoon, “I know this man well enough to call him and say, ‘Hey, I need a favor.’”

He added, “This might have been 10 or 12 years ago that I called him and said, ‘Hey, I have a family member, who I want you to hire them as an intern.’ And he said, ‘Yes.’”

But Touré then claimed his relative’s internship with the flashy music man “stopped abruptly like three or four months into it.”

“I spoke to my family member, like, ‘What happened?’” he told Reid.

“And they wouldn’t say… and years later, they finally came out — and this is a male — and said that Puff had said, ‘Come home. Stay the night with me or the internship is over.’”

Touré added that his relative told him of Diddy’s offer, “‘Absolutely not.’ And the internship ended.”

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