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Meet Engr Emmanuel U Muojeke,A Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of Hotbusinesslist.com ,Naijarecharge.com,From Agulu,Anambra State.

Meet Engr Emmanuel U Muojeke,A Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of  Hotbusinesslist.com ,Naijarecharge.com,From Agulu,Anambra State.

Emmanuel Muojeke, founder of Naijarecharge.com ,Gimo Homes and Hotbusinesslist.com, has carved a niche in technology and his ventures.

Let’s explore this niche. Determined to make a difference, he explored various aspects of Technology,Real Estate, the Bill Payment, and Business directory. He created Niajarecharge.com, He is a passionate believer in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem and a dedicated advocate for improving humanity through digital innovation. He has made significant contributions to technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, across Nigeria. 

Under his leadership, Emmanuel Muojeke founded Naijarecharge.com ,Gimo Homes and Hotbusinesslist.com, a dynamic company focusing on Bill Payment, business directory.

The Road Ahead

HotBusinessList.com is an Online African Business Directory in Nigeria where all businesses across Africa are listed and can be searched & connects your business to consumers, making targeted local searches for the products you sell and services you provide in a chosen location. Maximize your marketing potential by making sure we have your business details listed. Let us connect you with business!

Naijarecharge.com is a vending platform for making Online Bills Payment such as Data Recharge, Airtime Topup Recharge, Online Electricity in Nigeria.


 Emmanuel U Muojeke is a tech entrepreneur who is widely credited with revolutionizing Nigeria’s IT industry. Founder and chairman of Servpins Tech Ltd, one of Nigeria’s technology companies. Emmanuel U Muojeke’s journey in the tech industry began in 2008 when he founded Servpins Tech Ltd, an indigenous IT firm that provided IT solutions to Nigerian businesses.Emmanuel U Muojeke’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to many, and his contributions to the development of Nigeria’s digital economy will continue to shape the future of the continent for years to come.

His entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of innovation, hard work, and perseverance. He has proven that with the right vision, strategy, and commitment, it is possible to build a successful business and transform an entire industry.

As Nigeria continues to position itself as a hub for innovation and technology, entrepreneurs like Emmanuel U Muojeke will continue to play a critical role in driving the growth of the country’s digital economy and shaping the future of the continent.

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