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Hotbusinesslist.com Introduces Platform To Support SMEs

A service marketplace company, Hotbusinesslist.com has introduced an online platform, aimed at connecting small and medium scale businesses with customers as part of efforts to promote effective marketing.
The platform, market.vconnect.com, is an online mall of customers, where qualified service professionals can find and connect with real customers at any given time.
Specifically, with the use of the Internet, businesses can now leverage the power of having an online presence by increasing sales, saving money on the advert and getting more customers as compared to getting customers on an offline store.

Speaking at a business summit to launch the platform in Lagos,Emmanuel Muojeke, Chief Executive Officer, Hotbusinesslist.com, said the company is poised to solve the issue of finding a reliable service provider in the industry.

Hence, it has created a way of ensuring trust between service professionals and customers on the platform by providing national identity documents and taking a pledge to provide quality services.
Emmanuel noted that professionals find it hard to acquire new customers because there is a deficit of trust in our markets. “We are trying to bridge that gap bringing the right profile and qualified service professionals so people can hire them seamlessly with the help of the Internet,” he said.
He revealed that there is a breakage insurance cover for customers who deal with fracture equipment, stating that what we have as the target is that every individual seeking a service professional should get three quotations seamlessly within two hours on our platform.


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